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sump Pump Replacement

A heavy downpour can lead to flooded basements and crawl spaces, creating favourable conditions for mould growth. Cork Cities Plumbing in your local area offers patented sump pumps for those who need them.
Using state-of-the-art technology, our specialists can evaluate the foundation, determine the best installation location, and ensure the system works efficiently. We service your sump pump from start to finish, ensuring that it is running effectively before we leave your location.

We will install and repair your sump pump properly.

The service of a sump pump is not something every single home needs but is rather a requirement if the home floods numerous times or if the basement has a shallow water table. Sump pumps can make a critical difference in protecting your home against flooding. Water damage should be avoided by replacing a damaged sump pump as soon as possible.

Cork Plumbers provide only high-quality sump pumps in the market. We manufacture sump pumps that are made to last, providing many years of reliable service. Actively pumping water from your house is one of our motor’s capabilities. Repairs of your sump pump might be needed suddenly, and our licensed sump pump technician can assist you with it. Additionally, the pump has an additional battery that keeps it going if the electricity goes out. No matter what happens, you can count on our sump pump to get it done.

Our Sump Pump Maintenance Pros

We offer excellent plumbers who perform sump pump maintenance in Cork at a range of prices to meet your needs. We at Cork Cities Plumbing have a staff of specialists that will handle any fixing or maintenance your plumbing system requires. When you hire a professional to inspect your sump pump, basement drainage, and other components of your system, any potential problems that arise can be handled before they affect you!

cork plumbers SUMP PUMP REPLACEMENT project

Test your sump pump

One of the most important parts of your sump pump is its float switch and intake, which can need to be replaced over time. Upon your technician’s inspection of the sump pump, the technician will assess this aspect as well. A custom intake valve and impeller will be cleaned after installation and will be tested for proper operation. Our service includes sump pump testing, so we can make sure that your pump is operating efficiently.

Cleaning and maintenance

Our technicians are available to assist you with sump pump problems. If you have a noisy sump pump, contact us so that we can check it with our help. In flooded areas, a sump pump is used more often than any other place. As a consequence, it is essential to have your sump pump always operational. Our experts can routinely perform maintenance on your equipment.

Replacement of battery

Installing a new battery in your sump pump alarm once a year is recommended, and the technician will carry out this procedure during the visit. Besides, you will need to have your backup sump pump battery tested to ensure there is sufficient charge in it. Your sump pump should be constantly active and online in areas like Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Check it out!

Repair and Installation

Your sump pump has mechanical parts just like any other machine, and they will develop a fault eventually. Even the best pumps on the market cannot deliver this kind of performance. If you require plumbing services in the Cork City area, our plumbers are your best bet for a premium quality service. What does the cost of the service look like?


How Does A Sump Pump Work?

The sump pump removes water from a sump basin that accumulates water over time. Typically, they are found in low-lying basements.

A basement waterproofing system collects water from heavy rains or a high water table entering a home via perimeter drains. As water drains from the drains, the pump then removes the collected water to the nearest point of drainage.

What is the process of a sump pump?

An unloading pit, also known as a sump basin, is cut into your basement floor and the sump pump is placed in the pit.

Once the sump pit is filled with water, it will stay there until the pump is activated.

In addition to the floats in your toilet tank, sump pumps are activated by a float, which when it reaches a set level will start pumping; the water in the sump basin will be removed.

What is the life expectancy of my sump pump?

Most submersible sump pumps are capable of lasting 10 years or more. You can extend the life of your pump with regular service. You can extend the life of your sump pump for less money in the long run, since submersible pumps can be expensive to replace.

Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile to check with the manufacturer of your pump about the length of time they recommend you use the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the process of installing a sump pump?

Perhaps you are already nodding in agreement that a sump pump could be an excellent investment in your basement and your home. What is the process of installing one?

In Cork, Ireland, in addition to installing sump pumps, we can install sump chambers and corresponding sump pumps as required.

You can rest assured that your chosen sump pump company will have a drainage specialist inspect your crawl space or cellar first. You can expect them to look for any potential problems before they decide what course of action to take for your home.