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It can be frustrating to have clogged drains by any kind. Yet, they can prove so much more for some people than just an inconvenience. For example, a sewer line backs up can lead to unsanitary conditions. It is also possible to permanently damage furniture and carpets. The consequence of a sink drain is water damage to flooring and cabinets below it. With the help of Cork plumbers, you can minimize the damage caused and inconvenience suffered by drain blockage by obtaining prompt and effective drain cleaning services of any kind.

Professional drain cleaning Service in Cork city, Ireland

You have likely experienced a plumber who attempted to use a drain snake to access your toilet clog resulting in damaged enamel, or who used a rooter to access your sewer pipe, which caused debris to be released as they retracted the rooter. Our support team will take care of all your needs. All efforts are made for a smooth professional drain cleaning service so that nothing is disrupted or damaged during our professional drain cleaning the process. The drain is also a nice and perfectly functioning one because we clean up after ourselves.

We offer quality advice to make sure that our customers get value for their money every time they call, so they can keep their drain pipe clean, even after drain cleaning is done. Our recommendation would be to invest in hair traps for bathroom sink, chemical drain cleaner, and shower drain line, as well as to use your garbage disposal cautiously to keep grease and food out of your pipe. A root-based toilet clog prevention treatment can also be provided or recommended to help avoid further occurrences of drain clog.


  • Is your bathtub or sink drain slowly?
  • Bathroom drain blockage or toilet drain blockage, doesn’t it?

When that happens, toilet clog or drain blockage drains may cause a menace for Cork, AZ homeowners, and business owners alike. Plumbing Problem originating in the drain can trouble a variety of locations throughout the home.

Drain cleaning and sewer cleaning are expert drain cleaning and sewer cleaning Plumbing services solutions to this recurring Plumbing problem. We are known as a reliable company by providing safe and effective drain cleaning and professional drain cleanup services. We offer a reliable procedure for your burst pipe as opposed to other techniques that can damage them.

Why Choose Us as a drain cleaning services?

The debris you usually get out of everyday life gets clogged drain regularly. You can build up things like hair, chunks of food, grease, oil, and sediment in your drain, and these things will block the drain blockage. The presence of chemical drain cleaner can make this Plumbing problem, so many homeowners turn to them for this blockage. While chemical drain cleaner seem to be the cheapest and most effective way to clean your drain, do you realize they break down your pipe? We do.

Some of these products contain harsh chemicals that break up the drain clog and then continue working by corroding the pipe and creating weak spots that could eventually rupture, thus resulting in the attraction of more clogs

Cork Plumber has over 20 years of experience as a professional plumbing and home inspection company in Cork, Ireland. Our drain cleaning, hydro-jetting, and video inspection can eliminate all the plumbing problem described above. Our professional drain cleaning team can clean main sewer line, clogged drain, sink drain, and more! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Regardless of the drain clog in your home, we guarantee our ability to clear them. Main sewer line cleaning, unclogging drains, and unclogging sinks are the responsibility of our professional drain cleaning staff, who use drain snake or plumbing system jets to break down a blockage. Call today for a free home call!

Regular drain cleaning AVAILABLE 24-7.

Our Cork-based company, Drain cleaning Service Ireland, provides routine Plumbing system maintenance, as well as emergency drain cleaning services and sewer line repair services. Our expertise in drainage cleaning service is available across much of Greater Cork City, Ireland.

We can handle many drainage problems, from cleaning, to drain clearing, to drain repairs, to drain excavations. As well as installing grease dosing systems, we offer professional drain camera surveys and inspections, as well as pre-purchase CCTV assessments.

The importance of regular drain cleaning

Having a clogged drain is a significant problem for commercial buildings, which is why regular drain cleaning is so important. Ireland Commercial Cleaning provides 24/7 emergency repairs whenever a serious issue arises, but it is always more cost-effective to keep your drains regularly cleaned to reduce the risk of blockage. In addition to being unattractive, drain blockage encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, which poses a health threat to visitors and employees. Damp issues, can cause flooding.

Using wastewater for recycling

With our deep lifting super suction tankers, we operate the largest fleet of water recycling units in the country. Whether it’s keeping prices down or keeping the environment clean, we benefit from recycling wastewater. The vacuum units we manufacture can pump dry and wet waste beyond 100 meters at 90% vacuum efficiency.

It’s our belief that our Super Suction trucks and Disab units offer better performance than any other suction vehicles currently available on the market.

What are the signs that I have a blocked drain?

One or more of these symptoms are indicative of a blocked drain: Raised water levels in the toilet; a toilet that will no longer flush normally; a drain that is gurgling; an overflowing manhole cover outside the property; unpleasant odours. A building may suffer structural damage or signs of dampness or subsidence in serious cases.

Is there a way to eliminate the bad smell coming from the drain?

To eliminate the smell, clear out all deposited matter in the drain’s grid, trap, and bottom. We strongly suggest that you contact Cork plumbers Services to have your drains professionally cleaned if the blockage and smell are caused by fat, oil, or grease build-up. By using a strong disinfectant, you can help prevent odours from developing, and by keeping a clean house (waste it, bag it, bin it) you can limit grease accumulation and odours.

Do I have a responsibility to clear a manhole that has overflowed on my property?

Pipelines exiting the manhole chamber that serve a single property are generally the responsibility of the property owner. The pipeline becomes a shared sewer, however, if it is located outside the curtilage of your premises or if it is a transferred asset. Your responsibility for maintaining a shared sewer is then shared with the sewer company.

Where Can I Find Drain Cleaners?

Cleaning and clearing drain blockages are accomplished with drain cleaners. In spite of their similarities (either chemicals or enzymes), drain cleaners have different effects and modes of action. There are some that work well as drain cleaners in showers, while others are more appropriate for industrial applications. Therefore, you have to choose the best drain cleaner for your needs.

Do you have any recommendations for preventing future drain blockages?

Avoid flushing non-dissolving/non-biodegradable items down your drain to prevent future blockages.

When flushing the toilet, never flush nappies, sanitary products (including condoms), or plastics. You should scrape cooking oils and fats in the trash.

Drainage surveys should also be conducted regularly. Feel free to contact us if you need our services! 

What causes drains to become clogged?

The drain can become clogged by flushing items down the toilet (sanitary items, dental floss, nappies) or dumping them down the sink (food, oil, grease, fat).

In addition to structural damage, drains can also be blocked by tree roots or intruding roots.

Express Clear’s experts will use state-of-the-art survey equipment to identify the cause of any blockages.

We can be contacted via our contact page or over the phone.