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Cork Plumbing Services provides residential and commercial customers with a comprehensive range of plumbing services. Repairs to your current plumbing system, replacement of your existing plumbing system, full breakdown service, and installation of brand new plumbing systems if you need one constructed or your present system upgraded are included in our plumbing services.

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In general, a plumbing emergency at home or at work is not caused by an emergency situation. However, once it happens, you must not ignore it for another moment. When the bathroom plumbing needs arise, it may cause considerable problems in addition to causing flooding in the house. It is also important to be aware of the need for kitchen plumbing from time to time. I am fortunate enough to be able to help you on an emergency basis if you live in the Cork area.

Have you had to clean out your bathroom after a leak? Have you had flooding in your house after a pipe malfunction? Even though these things often happen, you should learn about them by getting professional assistance from a plumbing company like us. Call us for any plumbing repairs in your bathroom such as pipe leaks, broken handles, bathtub fixes, etc. That is what we are here for.

It can be frustrating to have drains clogged by any kind. Yet, they can prove so much more for some people than just an inconvenience. For example, a sewer drain that backs up can lead to unsanitary conditions. Even carpets and furniture may be permanently damaged. One of the consequences of a clogged sink is water damage to flooring and cabinets below it. With the assistance of Cork plumbers, you can minimize the damage caused and inconvenience suffered by blocked drains by obtaining prompt and effective drain cleaning services of any kind.

At our qualified experts, we believe nobody should ever be faced with the unpleasant experience of discovering that there is no hot water in the shower. We can provide an extensive range of expert services to keep your water heater performing at its peak and keeping you supplied with hot water as efficiently as possible. We can handle all of them from installing it to the maintenance process.

If you want to work with a company you can trust, choose Plumber Cork. The pipe repair services provided by our company are of the highest quality. Because we experienced similar difficulties, we know what you need. In the event of an issue, we can provide a solution.

The plumbing at your home is more detailed with an inspection from a qualified Cork plumber. During your home’s inspection, the inspector will examine every detail of the plumbing system to spot any problems that may occur. In the course of our inspections, we will identify leaky pipelines, exposed pipes, and signs of corrosion. If the possibility of faulty pipes exists, we may suggest remote video testing, and for filters to be inspected.

A heavy downpour can lead to flooded basements and crawl spaces, creating favourable conditions for mould growth. Cork Cities Plumbing in your local area offers patented sump pumps for those who need them.
Using state-of-the-art technology, our specialists can evaluate the foundation, determine the best installation location, and ensure the system works efficiently. We service your sump pump from start to finish, ensuring that it is running effectively before we leave your location.

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