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How much will a plumber cost in 2022?

You need to know the cost of a plumbing fix-up or upgrade to budget and plan appropriately.

Cork and Dublin tend to have higher plumbing prices because they have higher living costs and fewer skilled tradesmen.

Depending on the plumber, he or she may charge a call-out fee. As an example, a call-out fee can range between €90 and €100 in Cork and an hourly rate can be anywhere between €35 and €45 per hour.

A call out to Cork typically costs between €75 and €90, with hourly rates ranging between €30 and €40. Excluding VAT, these prices represent an estimate.

After-hours calls can cost up to €110 excluding VAT in rural areas. For call-out services, call-out fees can range from €30 in rural areas to €110 in metropolitan areas. Plumbers typically charge extra when they come at very late night hours or on weekends.

Why Plumbers Cost More

Plumbing emergencies typically result in a homeowner calling out a plumber, while bathroom/kitchen installations happen for two reasons. About 80% of calls for plumbers are attributed to these reasons. I would like to advise you that we provide boiler servicing.

Plumbers that respond to emergency calls deal predominantly with one of the following.

Plumbers that respond to emergency calls deal predominantly with one of the following:

Here you can find information on Boiler Service, Central Heating issues, and other heating areas that are included in our pricing structure.

The Plumbers charge different amounts to fix these plumbing problems based on differences in their skills and complexity but generally speaking these fees are the same.

Expert Answers

Several online tradesmen members have offered their services as plumbers in the past. They were further asked for pricing for common plumbing issues, tips on pricing plumbers and what homeowners should watch for when seeking a quote.

The typical plumber won’t factor in travel time or parking availability when quoting a one-off service, but once the job is finalized, these factors will be included in the overall cost.”


Paul advises homeowners who are looking for a plumbing expert to ensure that it is done by a qualified individual who can provide comprehensive services at a fair price.

Plumbers who just do energy efficiency assessments fail to follow the recommended protocols of loading expansion vessels, testing safety features and checking radiator valves. Paul advises homeowners to hire a plumber once and do it right. Getting references before accepting a plumbing quotation is expected by plumbing professionals. “It is expected that you request references from the last job or are dealing with an honest plumber”, says Mike. “This will not be a problem with a reputable plumber.”