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Cork Plumbers understand the importance of prompt and genuine service. From the outset, we will communicate timescales and costs as accurately as possible working honestly and openly with our customers throughout any project. Our plumbing prices are transparent and available for all to see. This is one of the many ways we differ from most of our competitors.

We want customers to feel comfortable with us working in their homes and so all our tradesmen are chosen based on their interpersonal skills as well as their ability to complete the task at hand effectively. Our customers real-time and time again on our quality of service and expertise and so we frequently work on behalf of insurers, property management companies and letting agencies.

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The plumbing industry has been a core business of Cork Plumbers Services for more than 20 years – serving both domestic and commercial clients. We have engineers and technicians with the RGI certification, and their expertise is available 24/7 through our Emergency Plumbing Service. Our deadline adherence and efficiency allow us to perform all work quickly, and we execute open pricing without a callout fee or any hidden charges. Find out more about Plumbers Cork’s full range of services here.

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In general, a plumbing emergency at home or work is not caused by an emergency. However, once it happens, you must not ignore it for another moment. When the bathroom plumbing needs arise, it may cause considerable problems in addition to causing flooding in the house.

Have you had to clean out your bathroom after a leak? Have you had flooding in your house after a pipe malfunction? Even though these things often happen, you should learn about them by getting professional help from a plumbing company like us. Call us for any plumbing repairs in your bathroom such as pipe leaks, broken handles, bathtub fixes.

cork plumbers drain cleaning service

It can be frustrating to have drains clogged by any kind. Yet, they can prove so much more for some people than just an inconvenience. For example, a sewer drain that backs up can lead to unsanitary conditions. Even carpets and furniture may be permanently damaged. One of the consequences of a clogged sink is water damage to flooring and cabinets below it.


At our qualified experts, we believe nobody should ever be faced with the unpleasant experience of discovering that there is no hot water in the shower. We can provide an extensive range of expert services to keep your water heater performing at its peak and keeping you supplied with hot water as efficiently as possible. We can handle all of them from installing it to the maintenance process.

cork plumbers pipe repair services

Sometimes pipes will need to be replaced because they are old. During a renovation initiative, there were orange burg pipes installed in downtown Cork that were installed too long ago. This is something we’re not supposed to fix! Any pipe repair you require can be provided by our professional plumbing team, who can handle the job correctly the first time every time.


A heavy downpour can lead to flooded basements and crawl spaces, creating favourable conditions for mould growth. Cork Cities Plumbing in your local area offers patented sump pumps for those who need them. Using state-of-the-art technology, our specialists can evaluate the foundation, determine the best installation location, and ensure the system works efficiently.

Domestic and Commercial plumbing in Cork

Our qualified Cork plumbers are available to attend to a variety of plumbing issues. We handle both domestic and commercial plumbing situations, from leaking pipes to a full bathroom installation.

Our labour is fully insured and guaranteed. In the unlikely event of an issue with our work, you can rest assured that we will return to resolve it within a reasonable period of time.

Local Plumber Cork

Our company specializes in providing the latest in energy-efficient solutions to save you money, and to help keep the environment clean across the board. If you are a resident cork, looking for a reliable, efficient yet affordable plumber to hire for all you’re commercial or residential plumbing needs. Whenever you need plumbing services, you can rely on the experts at all-week plumbing companies because their technicians are professionals with great experience in their field, having worked with us for years. Our plumbing contractors offer plumbing installation services, and we stock fixtures for all makes and models; all from trustworthy and reputable manufacturers offering a guarantee on products. Moreover, if you’re a homeowner in need of a plumber that can handle residential or commercial plumbing needs as well as drain and sewer services, our technicians can come to your aid immediately upon contacting us. More specifically, we cover a broad range of services such as toilet repair, clogged drains, leaking faucets, water lines. Our technicians are capable of acting swiftly but with great sensitivity, to have all your plumbing needs meeting within the shortest possible time.

Plumbing services & repair Cork

An experienced plumber with solid skills and knowledge is the only one you need to offer your plumbing work, so make sure you hire a licensed, insured, and bonded tradesman. All Week Plumbing Company can provide you with total satisfaction and full value for your money. Quality service and value for money are always at the forefront of our operations. Cork residents can count on us for offering reliable, efficient yet affordable plumbing services. Additionally, our technicians have extensive experience in the business, working with us for years. Our plumbing services are designed to match your need and specification for a perfect finishing. We charge a fair price to every plumbing project we perform and payment is made after the job is finished and the client is satisfied.


All work performed at our company is guaranteed to be professional and conform to manufacturer standards. For as long as you own your system, we will return and provide any installation service related to the initial installation of your heating and cooling system at no additional charge.

Lawns, shrubbery, carpets, floor coverings, walls, furniture, and door frames are all protected. We will replace or repair damaged property. All work areas and traffic areas will be protected with floor savers and hallway runners.

Before placing an order, simply provide us with a written quote from a licensed contractor for 1st quality products. We will give you a free analysis of their prices and services. Our price guarantee means we will not be beaten by a comparable installation at the lowest price, or we’ll match it by even lowering it.

In terms of skill, attitude, and workmanship, our installation technicians are the best. You can count on them to take care of your home and complete the work quickly and accurately. Their floor protectors are worn, they clean up after themselves, and they are committed to your satisfaction. The staff is polite and considerate, doing nothing inappropriate in your homes such as smoking or swearing.

Cork has tended to be overlooked traditionally by many entrepreneurs because Dublin offers a larger talent pool and a better location. However, with Cork City’s growth and the evolution of the city’s workforce like us as cork plumbers, the city is becoming one of the newest hotspots for new businesses and expansion. You can learn more about your latest blog.

Several factors account for Cork City’s enviable reputation of innovation and forward-thinking. It is no wonder too many that investors and companies choose to establish businesses here. We have researched the reasons why you should choose Cork as your new business location.

Ireland’s second-largest city, Cork City is often referred to as Ireland’s capital of the south. This city is currently experiencing rapid economic expansion. It is conveniently located two and a half hours from Dublin city center by rail and one and a half hours from London. It is a key gateway to Europe and the US.

During the past several years, Cork has grown steadily in popularity. A business-friendly environment, such as its reputation for innovation, attracts both expanding companies and startups. On average, 50.4% of space is taken by overseas companies.

A well-established network of business networks and an Eco-support system make Cork the top small city for business friendliness, according to FDI Magazine’s recent review of European Cities and Regions. Consider joining the ranks of some of the leading global companies in Ireland and the world already operating successfully in the Cork Region.



A lot of us don’t pay much attention to plumbing. There’s not much time spent thinking about it, and it’s a great deal of work to maintain it. The moment it breaks down suddenly, or if a problem occurs, we’re back in the dark!



You need to know the cost of a plumbing fix-up or upgrade to budget and plan appropriately. Cork and Dublin tend to have higher plumbing prices because they have higher living costs and fewer skilled tradesmen.

Where does your family get its water?


When it comes to our health and well-being, we have enough to worry about. It shouldn’t be one of them to worry about how safe and clean the water in our home is. Below are some reasons you may need water filtration, and if any of these symptoms seem strange to you, we recommend changing your water filter as soon as possible.